brian & his nieces Brian & Lauren White
Building A Future for
Brian & Lauren's Baby
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Lauren & Mackenzie Going Home Mackenzie Bria WhiteWelcome Baby Mackenzie Bria White!!!!

Born 6/22/08 at 6:48 pm. She's 8 and 6oz 20.5 in.
She is a healthy and happy baby.
Mom is tired but doing well! Thank you everyone for your support!!!

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Welcome to the Mackenzie White Trust. This website is dedicated to helping to provide for Mackenzie White. She is the daughter of Lauren and Brian White professional essay writers . Mackenzie Bria White was born June 22, 2008. Lauren White is a resident of Gilbert, AZ.

Brian died on April 23, 2008 when his plane developed engine troubles after take off. The plane crashed in an orange grove in Mesa, AZ. computers Witnesses noted that Brian made a decision as a pilot to go into the orange grove rather than risking more lives by attempting to land the plane near a busy mall. He was hailed as a hero.

Please help with her future by considering a way you can lend your support. Financial donations and shared thoughts are much appreciated.

This website is still under construction. Please check back for updates. If you have any questions, please contact

Mackenzie White Trust for her Future



About the Trust
The trust is established to help Lauren in providing for Mackenzie.

Share Memories & Thoughts
Share with Lauren & Mackenzie so that Mackenzie can learn about her dad, Brian.

You can donate to the trust through a seure server.

We will have a photo gallery here where you can share memories..

If you have questions, please contact and ask.

We have an online store at with a variety of products. Proceeds support the trust.

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      Please email for questions or further contact information.