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Mackenzie White Trust Fund Zazzle Store

The Mackenzie White Trust Fund has a store at The trust will receive a percentage of each product sold within the store. The trust will earn an additional 7% from any referral to the website. The referral includes products purchased at the Mackenzie White Trust store and any other store at Zazzle.

Click here to see a sample of products in the Mackenzie White Trust Fund store .

Please use our referral link to visit Mackenzie White Trust at Zazzle. If you want to place this link on your website, please ensure to include the star "*" because that is what they use to determine giving credit to our store:*

Below are sample art pieces that are used on products. If you click on the image it will show what products are available using that image. Sample products include on t-shirts, mugs, magnet, prints, and more. If there is a product that you want but don't see that it has been created, please send your request to email Zazzle allows you to personalize products by adding your own text, e.g., you can have personalized notecards!

White Angel Painting

White Angel Painting

This is a painting of a white angel with pink edges set against a soft blue, green, and purple pastel background.

Pink Angel Painting

Pink Angel Painting

This painting features as a soft pink angel hovering against an autumn color theme of oranges, browns, greens, and blues in the background.

Hannah Remembers Brian

Hannah Remembers Brian Painting

Brian's niece, Hannah, had a special love for her Uncle Brian. She was a little girl when he died. The painting shows the side of her face and her braided hair. There is a bluish twinge of sadness over losing Brian but many happy, loving memories are the main theme per the red, oranges, and yellows.

Heart of Joy Painting

Heart of Joy Painting

Paint swirls all around this colorful heart that is full of joy and love.

Two Pink Hearts

Two Pink Heart Picture

This art features two pink hearts interwined to make a third golden yellow heart. The pinks hearts are set against a warm chocolate brown background. This is mixed media. The image was initially painted with watercolor and pastel was added over the top.


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There is now a Mackenzie White Trust Store online at CafePress and Zazzle. Proceeds from sales on these items will benefit the trust. The trust will also get referral proceed credit too if you purchase from a different vendor.

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